ADVANCE objectives

Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) have become central tools for informing long-term global and regional climate mitigation strategies. However, sound policy advice requires improved representations of complex system interactions and thorough validation of model behavior in order to increase confidence in climate policy assessments.

To respond to this demand, ADVANCE has set itself the following objectives:

  • Develop a new generation of IAMs for the analysis of climate change mitigation policies
  • Build confidence of politicians in the results of IAMs by increasing transparency
  • Validate models with the aim of evaluating their strengths and limitations
  • Improve representation of energy demand, esp. energy services, technologies, consumer behavior
  • Enhance representation of technological innovation, uncertainty, system integration
  • Evaluate impacts of mitigation policies on economic sectors in the EU and beyond
  • Create a platform for sharing methodologies and input data sets in the modeling community

Based on improved IAMs, ADVANCE will contribute answers to the following key questions:

  • What’s the role of energy efficiency improvements for climate change mitigation?
  • What are the bottlenecks for the development of a carbon-minimizing energy supply system?
  • What are broader sustainability implications of alternative mitigation pathways?
  • How does uncertainty about technological innovation affect optimal innovation policies?
  • How can climate mitigation targets and energy access objectives be reconciled?

For a more detailed picture on how we structure our work see the project decription.